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Natural Perfume Making

£55.00 (Sold out)

Natural perfumes are increasingly in demand as more and more people find they allergic or intolerant to the artificial ingredients in commercial perfumes and cosmetics.  Many of us prefer the scents of essential oils than synthetic fragrances and are looking for a unique scent rather than buying something that millions of people already use.  Natural perfume is hard to find and by making your own you have complete control over the quality of the ingredients you use.  Our one day course allows you to learn how to train your nose to and make your own bespoke perfumes using essential oils.  You will learn the following:

History of perfume and its ingredients
How to train your nose and your descriptive vocabulary
Perfume groups and popular ingredients to make those types of perfume (Florals, Orientals, Woods etc)
Top, Mid and Base notes
How to create accords
How to keep records and blend your chosen scents into accords and finally into an Eau De Toilette
The Aromatherapy benefits of essential oils and how to blend Oil perfumes in a solid balm

You will make your own 30ml bottles of Eau de Toilette as well as a 15g Solid Perfume

The course includes notes, lunch and afternoon tea.